[09-11] the history of my hair

November 7, 2011
finally :D INTRODUCING! a brief history of what my hair has gone through for the past three years! XD i've been meaning to do this for a long time but was lacking pictures so yeah~  XD


my hair was indescribable XD so i just chose ONE picture and i'll leave it to you to guess what it looked like XD


my hair started to improve, but not so much XD my hair was still kept short though~


i think so far i have the best hair this year XD and i've started taking more ZI PAIs too XD selcas are hard to take if you're not in a good mood! XD

perfect APRIL 

poofy hair

straight bangs

growing hair

waxed for the first time

dyed revlon colorsilk 33 (but its only visible under sunlight =,= )


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