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October 16, 2011
i found this AWESOME HD picture that had all of SM Entertainment's best artists :D 

♥ SHINee  
♥ f(x)  

here are some picture of the SME artists during their SMTOWN LIVE'10 concert :D the best photos i found were sj's and shinee's, snsd's and f(x)'s are a bit lacking (no amber coz i heard that she had a serious ankle injury) and i totally couldn't find txvq's -,- even boa's was nowhere to be found~







smtown live'10

smtown live'10-leeteuk1 smtown live'10-leeteuk2 smtown live'10-leeteuk3
 smtown live'10-Heechul1 smtown live'10-Heechul2 smtown live'10-Heechul3
smtown live'10-Yesung1 smtown live'10-Yesung2 smtown live'10-Yesung3
smtown live'10-Shindong1 smtown live'10-Shindong2 smtown live'10-Shindong3
smtown live'10-Sungmin1 smtown live'10-Sungmin2 smtown live'10-Sungmin3
smtown live'10-Eunhyuk1 smtown live'10-Eunhyuk2 smtown live'10-Eunhyuk3
smtown live'10-Siwon1 smtown live'10-Siwon2 smtown live'10-Siwon3
smtown live'10-Donghae1 smtown live'10-Donghae2 smtown live'10-Donghae3
smtown live'10-Ryeowook1 smtown live'10-Ryeowook2 smtown live'10-Ryeowook3
smtown live'10-kyuhyun1 smtown live'10-kyuhyun2 smtown live'10-kyuhyun3
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