extra funfair work and my MATHS PAPERS *SCREAMS*

August 12, 2011
ish before i go through the DREADED papers i'll post about funfair 1st~

attendance for this day's stay back was me, ms NA OH MI, sammi, chai and jia jia =] first we went about to making the hill~ we drew it on the board 1st~

what it looked like uncut

and we cut it after that =]

in her own world XD


anti-photo girl =3=

and after that, sammi and i stuck tape on it and jia, chai and ms. NA OH MI painted mak gor's angry bird costume! XD

guess who put COLOURFUL sticky things on her book coz it wasn't pretty enough =3=


panoramic shot of the hill!


letting it dry =]

after that all of them washed their hands (i didn't coz i was clean enough~)


OMO i was scared stiff waiting for ms leow~ i played with clay to relax myself XD

by pohyi on her KH wood XD

and when she came and distributed the papers i got 40/90 for maths d T^T i tot that we were only going to have 9 homework marks so it was still a fail~ and i only scored 16/90 on my add maths!! WTF??! the 1st time i fail at ANYTHING and i fail 2 maths papers in a row?? but when ms leow said she was going to give us 10 hw marks, i was like "WHAT?? 10??! REALLY??!" and buried my face in my hands and there were like TEARS OF JOY! even though have really low marks, i was so glad that at leat one passed! im gonna work hard and study till i bleed for the finals! GAMBATEH TO ME!!

this ba poh had high marks in everything =3=

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