17.08.11 PHOTOS OF US

August 18, 2011

a bit late coz i couldn't find ms NA OH MI's album on facebook O.O

blonettes: 4/6



angry bird! XD


nice emo shot, taken by yours truly! ^^

thinking of...LKK!

throwing a rock (again XD)

our LEG model XD

naomi turned around~
me: im taller!
kw: i'm gonna smack u!
jw: let's molest her!

caryn turned around~
jw: let's molest her!
naomi: even her back is photogenic!
me: she's enjoying looking at her neighbour =3=

sammi turned around~
me: look!! (=3= my shirt)
naomi: i wonder what he's pointing at...
kw: she's making a heart at the neighbour XD and she's not molesting me! XD

i turned around~
kw: kick his ass!
naomi: punch his head!
sammi: put things in his butt (XD ><)

sammi and me: what pose do we do??
caryn and naomi: hug!

caryn nd naomi: legs up!
sammi: molest ur leg!
me: O.O

what brand are you wearing?? 

i look so seperated =3= but so high!

me and naomi: airplanes!
caryn and sammi: nice mountain~


more airplanes!

random XD

random again except for the zi pai girl~

=3= what am i doing





ms NA OH MI's edits:

by sammi:

dancing while singing karaoke! Xd

i stubbed my toe T^T

random sexy pose! XD zj looks like her mum!! O.O

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