Project:: Domo-kun

April 12, 2011
after the completion of zongtu, i got an order from my friend Sammi of a Domo-kun pillow ^^ yes!! customers!

to those interested, 1 Domo-kun pillow costs RM20.00 from me =] i also sell the materials to make it~


1. Brown felt paper
2. Red felt paper
3. White felt paper
4. Black felt paper
5. Scissors
6. Things to sew with

Body x1 : A4 size (21cm x 31.5cm)
Eyes x 2 : 5cm x 5cm
Mouth x 1 : 14cm x 12cm
Teeth x 2 : 4cm x 14cm (1 tooth = 3.5cm x 4cm)
Sides x 2 : 31.5 x 7cm
Top and bottom : 21cm x 7cm

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